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  Luana Stebule

           Milton Keynes, UK


Property footsteps

oil on canvas

76 × 51 cm


Dandelions in danger

oil on canvas

76 x 51 cm




I am an artist and poet. From 2013 I have been living and creating in the United Kingdom. My art specifically included the stage’s projects, mural paintings, together with 22 solos and 37 shared exhibitions in Europe England, and the US. I was born in Lithuania in 1962.

Also, I have written and published 4 poetry books; "Ephemeral awaking" 2020 in the English language. "Atminties smelio laikrodis" 2013, "Veluojantys" 2006 and "Suskamba ir nepaliecia" 2000 in the Lithuanian language. Some of my poems have been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Hindu languages.

The majority of my current paintings are traditional; oil on canvas. Five years ago, I was impressed and inspired by the forms of houses in the shape of shoes and rare types of orchids, in order to achieve particular expressions and to show the inner and the spirit of the object I stilize the forms of the nature by simplifying in my unique way. Also, I was inspired by my journeys to islands; Sicily, Corfu, Lanzarote, Cyprus, Madeira, Tenerife.

My favourite technique is collages. as a background I use mirrors, wood, textile, leather, photos and at the final stage of artwork I paint by oil colours. This technique creates differnt level of expressions. The picture’s physical body juxtaposes and suffuses it veritably forming jazz of visual performance. In only in 2018 became visible to the art world online, ctreated my website and submiitted artworks into several art websites for sale. All my life I was selling and exhibiting without the Internet help. My thoughts was that it is only waste of time.

Since 2018 I received some recognitions. In 2019 by the International Art Market Magazine, I was selected to be on the Gold List as one of the Top Artists of Today. In the Fusion Art Gallery 3rd Annual Colors Exhibition I got an Honorable Mention Award. In January 2020 in Florence, I was awarded the 3rd International Leonardo Da Vinci Prize and in September 2020 - New York City Prize. My artworks selected into Art Anthologies "Important World Artist 2020". and "International Contemporary Masters 2021" the publisher is "Artavita". My artworks included into books "The Great Masters of Contemporary Art" and "Best 2021 Modern and Contemporary Artists". In 2021 I was awarded by the Dante Alighieri International Prize" In 2022 I was awarded with ATIM'S TOP 60 Masters Award.



27.02.2022 - 27.07.2022 Online exhibition "Butterfly Effect" by the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. With Art Screen TV Online exhibition on ARTSY. 11.02.2022 - 11.03.2022. With the ARTBOXPROJECT - exhibition in URBANSIDE GALLERY, Zurich, Switzerland.

2020 - A Virtual Solo Exhibition on the website. Woman's Essence Exhibition, Rome, Italy, Vydene Formy, Prague, Czech Republic.

2019 - Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon. Curati10n. Swiss ArtExpo, Zurich. 5th Annual Leaves & Petals Exhibition. 5th Annual Figures and Shapes Exhibition. 3rd Annual Colors Exhibition, Fusion Art Gallery, US. Parallax Art Fair, London.

2018 – Art Expo, New York. Espacio Art Gallery, London. Solo Exhibition - Katakata Art Space, London.

22017 – Solo Exhibition -Tecton Art Gallery, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Art Week.

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