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Barbora Sto

Barbora Sto (Barbora Stonišová) is a czech painter. She was born 4th September 1982 in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. She lives and works in her atelier in Prague. After finishing her secondary school she studied the education of visual arts at Teachers College at the Masaryk University in Brno. Simultaneously with her ongoing teacher training, she started her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague where she studied under Karel Stretti and under Michael Rittstein in the studio of Painting. She graduated from Academy in 2011. 2007, in the framework of her studies in Academy, she was awarded the scolarship to study at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

She teaches in the National Gallery in Prague and in privates schools.

In 2011 she participated in the art competition and her painting of the Wood was choosen by the Naional Museum of Agriculture in Prague. Her pictures are in the interier of the building and they take a part of the permanent collection of Museum.

Her main field of interest is oil painting and mixed painting techniques. Her works are both classical and contemporary at the same time. She use oil, acryl or mixed media technique. In her topics, she is looking for a link between the spiritual and the physical and their mutual transformation. She is amazed at the intensive feeling of mysterious in the urban world. She try to see some smalls surprises in the immediate surroundings.


Other selected exhibitions:

Paintings - Gallery Saint Jean, Slapy – 2014, Czech Republic Paintings – Salon Salvator, Prague - 2012, Czech Republic

Diploma – Karlin Hall, Prague – 2011, Czech Republic

Landscape of the inner and outer – Gallery Akademy of fine Arts, Prague – 2010

Contemporary Art Festival – Gallery Lapidarium – Prague – 2008, Czech Republic Avricourt face

Avricourt – 2009, France

Jung Art – Gallery Dolmen, 2008, Prague, Czech Republic

Là-bas – Ecole national des Beaux-Arts in Paris – 2008, France

FIGURAMA, Prague and Jihlava, 2008, Czech Republic

Knoflíkáři - Ped MUNI, Brno – 2007, Czech Republic






Kiss #2

mixed media on canvas


Available works


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