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Nina Stopar 

Nina Stopar is an artist, born in 1982 in Slovenia, where she is studying master of painting at the Academy of fine art and design Ljubljana.

Nina studied Slovenian language and Philosophy and passed a scientific master degree of aesthetic titled Contemporary art in philosophical reflection, developing a thesis that nowadays, more than ever before, the artist himself becomes a work of art in contemporary art. After nine years of teaching at a secondary school Nina dedicated her life professionally to art - as in 2018 she was accepted to the academy to study abstract painting. In the same year she entered art education, Nina also began training to become a teacher of the dance practice of 5 Rhythms.


An artist statement

When painting begins to paint itself? When I took the brush in my hand, or when I make the first step towards the canvas? There is not a clear beginning, as even life starts long before it is born. As everything is connected, I believe that art is happening all the time and everywhere, so the canvas is the ripened fruit offering itself to be eaten. Life is a butterfly effect, and so is art. I am curious to make connections between different fields of art and the outcome as their interaction. As a passionate dancer I am amazed by the experience of a body in motion and I see the motion as the only realm of human life that has not been indoctrinated by the globalisation of consumer society and western lifestyle. We can put a smile on a face or wear a beautiful dress, as we can manipulate the eye with the gaze, but we can not trick the simplicity of what it is spoken through a movement. That’s why I trust the intuition of my body as my main painting approach, the intuitive dance with colours, as the ultimate source of abstraction and improvisation. I am the brush, as I am the painting, and as I am nothing of that. Creation is the road to the unknown, a curious play of collapsing apart, tearing off, turning upside down, adding and changing the old convenient thoughts, concepts and perspectives to invent new, slightly different ones. The creation always knows the path to dance through the unconscious consciousness of my body. Being an artist for me means to create and to invent and this is the road to something new. As an image without a philosophical background is "just" an image, a more or less beautiful picture, art must be and has been separated from that as art is here to tell something more.


• 7 months as an artist worked in London (Erasmus practical exchange)

• Studying Masters of Abstract Painting: Academy of Fine Art and Design, Ljubljana (2018-)

• Studying Painting: Arthouse College for Visual Art Ljubljana (2016–2018)

• Scientific Master Degree in Aesthetics (Philosophy, Contemporary Art) Philosophic Faculty Ljubljana (2007–2016)

• Professor of Philosophy and Slovene language with literature, Philosophic Faculty Ljubljana (2001–2007)


• Solo Exhibition, Grosljeva galerija Prevalje, Slovenia, 2020

• International group exhibition, Itsliquit group International art fair, Contemporary Venice 21, 1. 2. - 21. 2. 21, Venice, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Italy


Nina Stopar


Soulful so full

acrylic on canvas

220 x 180 cm

Available works



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