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Jerry Strohkorb [ see other similar works ]

         The Woodlands, Texas


Atmosphere Series - Ruach I

oil painting on canvas

91,5 x 61 cm

Atmosphere Series - Ruach II

oil painting on canvas

91,5 x 61 cm



Begin Serie - Alef

oil painting on canvas

51 x 41 cm


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Artist Statement

I am a fine artist and a physician, a lover of the arts and science. I began learning creative visual arts at a young age, learning drawing, and painting in acrylic and oil since early childhood. I attended Governor School for the Visual Arts in high school, and studied both sciences and art during my baccalaureate studies at The College of William & Mary. During this time, I had an opportunity to study fine art under Dr. Paul DiPasquale, a renowned USA sculptor, and completed a Wilson Scholarship studying German expressionism. Following college studies, I went on to pursue studies in occupational medicine and public health, but have continued to hone my art for more than twenty years. I focus my work on the concept of “Seeing the unseen,” to visualize the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects that truly define our unique identity as human beings. I am fascinated with the contraposed themes of suffering and growth, despair and hope. I try to activate and allow my subconscious mind to freely communicate through this work. I explore the connections between physical materiality and the unseen, using figurative elements, symbols, and abstraction to communicate my ideas. My works unravel and reveal cognition, metacognition, and layers of the subconscious. Also, my study and practice of medicine influences and informs the development of my work. I strive to understand the human condition, the deep motivations, meanings, compassion, and commonalities that unify all people.




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