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  Olgu Sümengen Berker [ see other similar works ]

          Gangelt, Germany


Olgu Sümengen Berker 

Olgu Sümengen Berker

Black and White Figure

Limoge porcelain, 126°C fired, naked clay

: 27 x 42 x 45 cm


Schamotte porcelain, transferprint, 1260°C fired

42 x 15 x 17.5cm

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Olgu Sümengen Berker was born in Turkey, in 1978. Graduated from Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty, Ceramic Department (BFA) Eskisehir, in 2001. Graduated from Anadolu University, Social Sciences Institute, Ceramic Master Program (MFA) Eskisehir in 2004. Graduated from Hacettepe University Social Sciences Institute, Ceramics Proficiency in Art Program, Ankara in 2012. Worked as a research assistant at Afyon Kocatepe University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department, Afyonkocatepe from 2002 to 2004. Between 2004 and 2017 worked in various academic positions and titles, lastly Assistant Professor in Çankaya University Inter-curricular Courses Department Ceramic Discipline. Have been the chair of the discipline for 8 years. In 2017 I had the Associate Professor title in the Ceramic Art field which is a permanent title given by the Turkish University Council Committee regardless of the employment. She has 11 solo exhibitions in Turkey and Germany and has participated in more than 70 national and international group and competition exhibitions around the world. She has 4 awarded for artwork and has papers and articles published by international periodicals. Her work takes place in private or museum collections. She moved to Germany in 2017 and working as an independent artist at her studio and lecturing on art in NATO Joint Force Headquarters Brunssum, Arts and Crafts Center, Netherlands.


Even though I have started with the interpretations of Anatolian mother goddess figurines which is one of the most common ancient icons of my home country and region and culture, my work turned into expressing and interpreting life through the female body and posture. Not only the themes that I’m working on but also techniques and materials changes throughout the years. I work with both ceramic and porcelain in different terms.

Most of my previous work was on social or common concepts related to female individuals like osteoporosis or abuse and gender equality and my point of view was more like looking through a window from inside to outside. My recent work can be described as looking inside. I’m dealing with the environment that impresses me with the routes and road maps that I’m driving along. I’m trying to express this impression through the female figure as well. I work with decorating and techniques like transfer printing and painting experience with different types of ceramic and porcelain clay bodies. My recent work can be described as an expression of perception of myself presented a visual diary of my daily life.

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