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  Veronika Tarnovskaya [ see other similar works ]

         Lund, Sweden



The sunset in Alps

watercolors on paper

40 x 60 cm

The sunny day

watercolors on paper

60 x 40 cm

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I was born in St. Petersburg; Russia on 24.09.1963 and since 1998 I have lived in Sweden in Lund. I work as lecturer in marketing and the School of Economics at Lund University and in my spare time, I write poetry and paint watercolors. I am also very keen on Argentinian tango, which is our joint passion together with my husband. I see a lot of connection between all these creative processes. They have one common source – my soul, which is constantly learning and trying new things or rethinking the old ones. Many of my poems have become pictures and vice versa. I have for a long time sought a style, which could capture the moment with all its imperfections. Both a sketch and a poem in their original raw form are imperfect in a sense of unfinished. I like untamed poems and unfinished watercolor painting – still sketches. I do not have any formal art education. I have taken a number of watercolor courses at the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg in their online version during the pandemic years 2019-2020.



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