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  Alisa Teletovic

           Bosnia / Herzegovina


Waiting for beginning

mixed media on canvas

150 x 100 cm


mixed media on canvas

120 x 100 cm



mixed media on canvas

100 x 150 cm



Alisa Teletović, born 1974, is an expressive and figurative Australian/Bosnian artist currently based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Design and Interactive Media from RMIT University Melbourne. She has shown artwork in galleries across the country and internationally, recently including the Venice International Art Show, Palazzo Albrizzi Capello Gallery, Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome. She won numerous art awards throughout Australia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Loves illustrating cover books and has had projects experimenting with textile under name Wear piece of art. Alisa works in her art studio in Sarajevo.



Through expressive and quick gestural movements I feel free to be courageous and alive. In the new dimension of my art, as I am maturing I developed control in the process to know when to stop, continue or destroy. Romance of sharing my interest in faces, characters I see in everything, in clouds, rocks, hills, and strange places.

I love to experiment with different mediums, making mostly mixed media work, I love texture, sudden marks of accepting them and loving them as they come, pure, yet gentle, strong and very often with deep meaningful stories. Two of them together, kissing, hugging, and holding. Most of the time Inspiration from nature carries me through a series of work. I trust my intuition and listen to it more and more. The faces are there all the time, developing inside of me and wanting to come out. My abstract and expressive landscapes tend to be sweet fight in colors, where color dominates and merges landscapes into a wider picture of our souls. Landscape of our souls and deepen knowledge of inner self and who do I belong to scattered all my life, beginning from the scratch all the time, becomes a source of search for identity, for me and my belonging. The space of sudden feelings that embark when painting gives me so much pleasure and joy in a moment where I control and let go at the same time. My mind, body and soul became my identity and those faces people and meaning behind then become crucial and infinite. Infinite in my own explanation of what it is, the feeling, it is right, and I trust it. There are no fake boundaries, only freedom to be myself and let go of all fears and traumas that I carried all my life. I am the happiest in my art studio. As I am getting older, I now, I just want to paint, forever… I choose to believe in hope and good having sweet battles on canvas and producing paintings that motive me to flow and be open to New, and to transform my work so people can feel a strong connection to art and what art means to me. Art lives in me and through me.

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