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Sergey Teplyakov

Sergey Teplyakov was born in Moscow. He graduated from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, one of the oldest Russian schools of industrial, monumental and decorative art and design. In 1998 had been admitted to the Union of Russian Artists.

Serghey Teplyakov possesses the perfect knowledge of many styles and various artistic techniques that he demonstrates with great skills. The Artist is at the forefront of classical Italian painting revival, following the traditions of Great Italian masters. He also works in Impressionism (Figurative Impressionism) and Art Deco styles. He does not give any preferences to landscapes, still lives, or portraits. For every artwork the painter chooses a technique required to make the image as expressive as possible. His works create beautiful and elegant impression. In September – October 2017 he had a solo exhibition in via Margutta, Rome, Italy. His artworks are exposed in Austria, Itally, Spain and the UK.


Natura morta con zuppiera bianca e olive

oil on canvas

60 x 105 cm


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