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Lyndel has drawn and painted all her life and was encouraged by and took lessons from her beloved artist father Harry Thomas who was a past student of Archibald Colquhoun. [Meldrum School] Because of her love of chiaroscuro she studied with various teachers from the tonal school in Melbourne. She also studied painting at Monash University for a short while. If Lyndel is to be labelled she is happy to be labelled a tonalist. The light, atmosphere, mood and poetry of the subject is what she aims for. She favours late afternoon and crepuscular subjects in her landscape and contemplative poses in her figure paintings. Her paintings have been described as contemplative, lyrical and serene. She is also interested in symbolism and enjoys working with this genre. She majored in sculpture with a credit at the Ballarat University, School of mines in 1999. She ran her own Studio/Gallery/School in Daylesford in the 90’s where she held classes. Her paintings and sculpture were on constant display to the public.

She is a member of the Associazione Acquerellisti Faentini, Italy . Her work has been exhibited in many group exhibition’s both in Australia and overseas. Past galleries are Spectrum Gallery Balwyn, Williamstown Gallery Melbourne, C.V. Jones Antique and Art Gallery Ballarat, Pantechnicon Gallery Daylesford and presently Heron’s Gallery in Castlemaine.

Her media are Oils, Gouache, Pastels, Drawing media and Ceramic Sculpture. Experimenting with gouache is something that brings much joy.

Since participating in the Florence Biennale in 2013 Lyndel has been concentrating on exhibiting in Europe and she is working for a solo exhibition in Verona, Italy in June 2016 along with other European showings of her work. Her love of Europe and travel are a big influence on her work. She has won many awards for both her painting and sculpture and her work is held in private and public collections in Australia, Europe, U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand and India. Two of her paintings are held by the Skopelos Foundation of the Arts collection in Greece. Her last major awards and selected exhibitions were in Italy [The Sandro Botticelli prize, Florence] – and she was represented in Rome, Venice, Palermo, Noto and Lecce and selected to exhibit in France and Austria. [The Carousel Du Paris 2015, France and the Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse, France, 2016 along with “The Magic Art Wonder” in the MAMAG Modern Art Museum, near Vienna, Austria.] She was also selected to exhibit at the Museum of Marrakech, Morocco in March, 2016. Public collections in Australia are held at the RSL, Footscray, Victoria and The Latrobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon, Victoria.

In March 2015 she completed a successful open studio exhibition of mixed media works as part of the Castlemaine State Festival. This was held with Kurt Forrer, dream mentor and writer.

In April 2011 she held a solo exhibition of 29 women’s portraits, which included children and animals. This project was sponsored by the Bendigo Bank and held at the historic and elegant Dudley House, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. It was opened by Noel Waite, at that time President of the Victorian Artists Society.

The most important thing to Lyndel is the act of creation! Life is art and art is life! Animal welfare is also extremely important to Lyndel and she tries to be a voice for them where she can.




Mid June – Selected to exhibit in Verona, Italy at the Triennale of contemporary art – PalaExpo Verona which will move on to New York on Oct. 16th and Washington Oct 13th. Selection for the Shakespeare in Art awards and selection of one painting to be published in the book ‘The 21st Century Art Book’.

June 9 – 12th – Invited to exhibit at the Triennale Italia in Verona and presently working on the paintings for this event.

April 25th – Shortlisted for the International Prize Canaletto, Mira – Venice April 23 – 26th – Selected to exhibit in the Biennale Riviera del Brenta, Mira, near Venice.

1st-9th March – Selected to take part in Women’s Art World at the Museum of Marrakech, Morocco.

February 28th – Published in the Austrian book by K. Heinz Playner, ‘Relevanze in der Kunst. Fine Art Masters des 21. Jahrhundert’. – Presented at the MMAG Modern Art Museum in Schloss Hubertendorf, Osterreich, Austria.

February 8th – 13th -Selected to exhibit one painting at the Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse, France by D.ssa Adelinda Allegretti, [storico dell’arte, giornalista, curator independent] The exhibition is entitled ‘Red Passion [Waiting for Valentine] After this event the painting will be shown in other European exhibitions as yet to be disclosed.

Jan 29th -Selected to take part in the International prize Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence.


Selected for the exhibition by the Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo Culturale “Premio Internazionale d’Arte “Il David di Bernini”2015 in Lecce, Italy Dec. 17th 2015.

Selected to exhibit in the International Prize Citta’ Di Noto, December Selected to exhibit in The International Prize Michelangelo in Rome, December Exhibiting at ‘Artists at the Castle’, held at the Orsini Castle of Nerola near Rome in December.

Selected to exhibit in Edinburgh, Scotland in the exhibition ‘I Segnalati’ and also representation in the book ‘The best of Modern and Contemporary Artists 2015’.

Selected as an Artist for Unicef exhibition to be held at the “Sala degli specchi”, Politeama Theatre, Palermo, Italy on November 8th. To participate in an artists residency with the Skopelos Foundation of the arts, Greece in September on the island of Skopelos Selected for exhibition at the Marco Polo International Prize, ‘Palazzo Marin’, Venice, Italy – Sept.

Selected for a juried exhibition of fifty artists at the Villa Castelnuovo ‘Contemporary Paradise’ exhibition, at the Villa Castelnuovo, Palermo, Italy – 15th to 18th Oct.

Exhibiting at the Carousel Du Paris 015, France – June. Exhibiting at “The Magic Art Wonder” in the MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria – June. Study trip to Americia – Intensive ceramic sculpture workshop with Debra Fritts, New Mexico, US – April/May. Awarded the Prize International Rome Imperial, Rome, Italy on May 19th.

Exhibited in The Inaugural 3D Maldon Art Walk – March

Held the Castlemaine State Festival open studio exhibition – working with Kurt Forrer, Dream Mentor – March.

Awarded the Botticelli Prize, Florence, Italy – curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo – March. Invited to exhibit again at the Florence Biennale, Italy. Represented by Herons Gallery, Castlemaine


Invited by Lynne Makings to participate in the ‘Four over Four’ exhibition at the FAIRBANKS Eye Gallery, Ballarat – Oct/Dec. Group exhibition Melbourne Painters and Sculptors

Represented by Herons Gallery, Castlemaine


Selected to exhibit at the Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy Selected to exhibit in The Len Fox painting Award, Castlemaine Gallery – finalist Group exhibitions MSWPS also Herons Gallery 2012 Group exhibitions MSWPS Represented by Herons Gallery 2011 ‘Circles of Women’ solo exhibition, Dudley House, Bendigo Selected to exhibit in The Len Fox Painting Award – Finalist Group exhibitions VAS – MSWPS also Herons Gallery

2007- 2010 Group exhibitions VAS- MSWPS also Herons Gallery 2006 Study trip to Europe Group exhibitions VAS and MSWPS also Herons Gallery

2004 – 2005 Group exhibitions VAS and MSWPS also Herons Gallery

2003 Annie Davison Oliver Award, Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors – overall winner with a sculptural piece

The James Farrell Portrait Prize, Castlemaine Gallery – finalist Group exhibitions VAS and MSWPS also Herons Gallery

2000 Study trip to India Group exhibitions VAS and MSWPS also Herons Gallery

1999-2004 Ran Camelot Academy of Art, Daylesford – Private Gallery/Open Studio/Art school Study trip to Europe Majored in sculpture with a credit, School of Mines, University of Ballarat Group exhibitions VAS and MSWPS also Herons Gallery

1997 Study trip to India Group exhibitions VAS and Open studios 1983-92 Studied oils with Melbourne artists Shirley Bourne, Patricia Moran, Graham Moore, Michael Henwood and later with Don James. Watercolour with David Taylor Group exhibitions – VAS Represented by Spectrum Gallery, Balwyn, Melbourne, The Williamstown Gallery, Williamstown, Melbourne, The Pantechnicon Gallery, Daylesford, Victoria, Open studios. 1979

Commenced studying drawing and painting with Australian artist/teacher, Lance McNeill

Initially studied with artist father, Harry Thomas

Chiaroscuro and poetry are of prime importance to Lyndel.




Catalogo D’arte Internationale Celebrativo – Omaggio a Rembrandt -Tribute to Rembrandt – Associazione Culturale Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo, Brindisi Italy

Catalogue Women’s Art World, Museum of Marrakech, Morocco – Hayat Saidi

ART International Contemporary Magazine, Italy – Salvatore Russo Relevanz in der Kunst. Fine Art Masters of the 21st Century, MAMAG Modern Art Museum I’m Schloss, Hubertendorf, Osterreich [Austria] K. Heinz Playner

2015 Effetto Arte Publication, Italy EA Editore Italy – Sandro Botticelli Prize 2015 – curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russ

2013 The New Florence Biennale Ethics DNA Of Art, Italy La Nazione – Firenze, Dec

2012 WWAB International Dictionary USA

2011 More Than Just Gumtree’s by Juliet Peers Australia MSWPS 100th Annual Exhibition Publication Australia

2010 WWAB Important Artist’s, USA Best of Worldwide Oil Artists – Kennedy Publishing, USA Best of the Best, Kennedy Publishing, USA


Artist's Statement

I divide my work between the disciplines of both painting and sculpture, however painting is my big love and the trunk of the tree where most of my time is spent. Sculpture is a branch of that tree.

For me chiaroscuro, spontaneity and poetry are the elements that I aim for when I am painting and drawing. If I have a label it is that of the tonalist painter and I look for the light, mood and atmosphere of the subject. In landscape I favour late afternoon and crepuscular subjects. Figures are a favourite source of inspiration and are usually painted in contemplative poses. Plein air and working directly from the model are great sources of joy. My eventual aim is for what George Inness, the great American landscape painter described as ‘seeing the truth beyond the reality!’ My paintings have been described as contemplative, lyrical and serene. Some may think it a contradiction that as a tonalist I also like to paint symbolic themes on occasions. I am very interested in the design element in these paintings.

Sometimes I use small en air paintings as studies for the purpose of creating larger paintings, which are worked up in the studio. But of course the small paintings are works that also stand on their own.

Travel is an important part of my art practice. I draw upon inspiration that comes from absorbing different cultures, peoples and landscape. I also love the rocky, grassy woodlands of North Central Victoria where I live. I spend a lot of time soaking up this environment and I gain much pleasure working from it.

My mixed media and ceramic sculpture is mostly symbolic and mythical. They feature the feminine, animals and nature. I like to use found wood and items from second hand shops and garage sales. Story telling has always been an important feature in these sculptures. Working with clay brings about a total feeling of Grace. I love the way that the clay seems to have it’s own intelligence. It tends to grow into something of it’s own accord before it is fired and purged in the heat of the kiln. I try to let the clay talk and take the lead. I feel very connected to the spiritual through this experience and the sense of alchemy at work.


La rosa parasol

oil on canvas

46.6 x 50.8 cm


Available works




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