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Contemporary Art in Rome

Michael Tompsett

Dopo un periodo di lavoro in uno studio fotografico, ha lavorato per 12 anni come Graphic Designer Senior per le riviste dell'editore Condé Nast nel Regno Unito. Ora vive e lavora in Spagna come freelance graphic designer, fotografo e artista.


Art and design have interested me since an early age. Art classes were the one lesson at school I genuinely looked forward to every week. After school and university I had the fortune to be able continue my passion in art and design, working as a senior designer at Conde Nast Publications in London. After an exhilarating 12 years, I bid farewell to my job and England, moving to the south of Spain. I now dedicate myself full time to my artistic pursuits in the tranquil and idyllic surroundings of a Mediterranean coastal village. My main artistic focus is on City Skylines and Maps. Despite never having considered myself a trendsetter, I am proud to be known as the artist who started not one, but two global trends - namely abstract watercolor city skylines and abstract watercolour maps. When I first started producing those artworks in my original and unique style there was nothing similar on the market. Fast forward to today and there are now hundreds of artists who have taken inspiration from my work. I am overwhelmed by the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of people have my artwork displayed on their walls, and it is always a real thrill to see my artwork used as set decoration in TV series and films, even more so when some of those TV series have been personal favorites of mine! I hope my artwork brings as much joy to everyone as I get from creating it.



Hearts world map

fine art print glicée on paper 70x100



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