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Maria Tsormpatzoglou 

I am a self-taught, Berlin based, experimental art and abstract photographer whose artworks depict the underlying surrealism that settles in pur very own reality.

I draw inspiration by playing with the reality, its layers, and the encapsulated senses in it. My photography invites the viewer to observe it with their instincts and heart; or even with an inner knowledge one didn't rember possessing.



2019 February - Psychogeography of Athens, Athens organized by Ostkreuschüle für fotographie & curated by photographer M.Grieve

2019 April-May - VIAF, the Room contemporary Art, Venice curated by Its liquid group

2020 February - Photographer of the day - online exhibition curated by TheWallGallery Venice

2020 March - Forces, Old Biscuit Factory, London curated by Gallery Art Number 23

2020 March-April - CorpoRealities, PH21 Gallery, Budapest curated by PH21 Gallery

2020 April - When there are no Words - online exhibition curated by CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, New York

2020 July - 100 Photos vol.2 Twentysquareseven Gallry, Berlin curated by artist Stephan van Kuyk

2020 August Athens Open Art, Art Number 23 Gallery, Athens curated by Gallery Art Number 23

2020 August - Missing Nature | Techne in Illuseum, Illuseum, Berlin curated by Techne

2021 January - Inwards, Luminus Eye, Athens curated by photographers of the Gallery

2021 February - Freedom of expression, Siilk Gallery x The Publisher, Berlin curated by photographer Daniel Peace

2021 August Another day in Paradise, Spazio SV - Venice Biennale, Venice curated by Biennale Austria



 acrylic glass & aluminum composite

80 x 80 cm

Available works


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