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  Janusz Tworek




oil on canvas

59 x 60 cm


To the stars

oil to the painting plate

59 x 60 cm




oil on canvas

45 x 45 cm




Janusz Tworek is an architect. He creates in many techniques: collage, drawing, dry pastel and paints in oil technique. He also dealt with stained glass, ceramics and photography. Janusz Tworek cooperates with many galleries. For Janusz Tworek, art is the basic way of expressing his attitude to reality. The paintings and drawings he creates flow from the instinctive zone, operating beyond intellectual considerations. He believes that this makes them the most authentic representation of reality. Janusz Tworek also writes poems resulting from intellectual contestation. He combined both these means of expression on several occasions. It seems to him that this creates the fullest message. His painting is spontaneous, resulting from the emotions he experiences. That is why his works are so different from each other. Most often, the ideas that are the intellectual basis of what he wants to paint change under the influence of the emotions of the moments. Hence his motto "emotions are everything - everything is emotion".

Despite the age of 65, she studies all the time. He doesn't wonder if he has a "style" of painting. She tries to paint as best she can. And this is changing thanks to new experiences. Certainly his "style" is not realism.

Each work is an expression of his lived experiences, which creates an emotional bond with each of them. When he finishes the painting, he feels a kind of relief and thinks about what will happen next.

He believes that it is important to return to the roots of the role of art in human life. That is why it is so important to make the artists themselves aware of the important social role they play. They create things that have always been the markers of the level of maturity of the community. The need for communing with art has been an inherent need of mankind since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, today it is not so obvious.




Janusz „Janus” Tworek in 2022 roku

Art Gallery M.A.D.S. Milano Italy – „The World revolves around Me” – 28 January – 03 February 2022 Milano

Artio Gallery – „Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre” 8 April -10 April 2022

Itsliquid International Art Fair Venice – Palazzo Abrizzi – Capello Venice - „Anima Mundi Consciousness” 12 May – 03 June 202

Itsliquid International Art Fair Venice – Palazzo Abrizzi – Capello Venice - „Anima Mundi Visions” 16 June – 06 July 2022

Art Gallery M.A.D.S. Milano Italy – „Orizonti trasversali” – 28 July – 03 August 2022 Milano

Paks Gallery Wienna – Exhibition of MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Villa am Kaiserweg – „Kunst von damals und heute - art from then and now” 03 September – 19 December 2022

ARTBAY KMC Krakow Poland – „Exceptionals” 11 September – 30 September 2022

Paks Gallery Vienna – „Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre” - 21 October – 23 October 2022

Art Gallery M.A.D.S. Milano Italy – „Guardians of Dreams” – 28 October – 03 November 2022 Milano

The Holy Art Gallery London – „Art On Loop” – 14 November – 18 November 2022

Van Gogh Art Gallery – Bruxelles Art Fair – 2022 – 25 November – 27 November

Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid – November 2022 13. APULIAASTE Turi Italy -”RenovArt” – 03 November – 30 November 2022

Art Gallery M.A.D.S. Milano Italy – „Brain Cake” – 28 December – 2022 Barcelona Gaudi Room Casa Mila „La Pedrera


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