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Nancy Van Wichelen 

Born in 1967, Belgium

She lives and works in her own studio (s) in Buizingen, Belgium . She is a visual artist, paintings and drawings but also in graphic arts, graphic design, art-books.

She got a lot of education in different academies during the 90', but from the beginning she was going for the development of her own style in oil painting and Chinese ink.

Characteristic of her work is the emotional expression, with the human being as the most important element; Art is for her to feel, physically and spiritually, being in time and space. She is often inspired by the human and the human body, making people aware of their inner (emotion), the hidden inside but so speaking through the body-language. This is not a judgement of the human being, but exposing oneself. It’s all about connection.

It’s about the perpetual quest for what is inside man, and bringing this in a subtle and respectful way into the picture, in simplicity and purity, a research to the essential line.

She is in her work mainly focused on the spiritual and emotional side of ‘being human’ Exhibitions in Belgium and abroad, Biënnale of Venice, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Paris.

She owns her own Art Gallery, The-Lunacasa-Window-Gallery



La naissance de la terre 2

mixed media on canvas

50 x 50 cm



Available works



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