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Vanessa Elaine

Vanessa Elaine's Statement

My art is either naughty or nice with the use of texture, shape and movement. I am inspired by love, darkness, nature, space, color, movement, and emotion. Please enjoy the visual stimulation with each of my pieces.



The artist lives and works in St. Louis (Missouri USA).

Vanessa Elaine (1977) has been creating art since she was a teenager. She first started out sketching models from fashion magazines on anything from scrap paper to cardboard to the basement walls. In her 12th grade art class she was introduced to Mixed Media and that's when she started mixing up her creativity. She played with abstract ideas, paints, charcoals, and various materials while attending college and took art classes for electives. Then she let her creativity rest for a few years. In 2013, she started blooming again and letting her creativity flow and started exploring with photography too. We are happy she is back in her element.


Inner Peace

ink, spray paint, glitter, rose petals, paper on wrapped canvas

40 x 100 cm


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