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  Mariёlle Vroemen

           The Netherlands



epoxy, flock and paint

37 x 33 x 55 cm


epoxy, flock and paint

36 x 25 x 22 cm



epoxy, flock and latex

50 x 52 x 55 cm


Life shapes, transforms and offers us growth

Every day we are touched by something

Conscious and unconscious

Moments and emotions pile up

We hold on and let go

Longing for essence and existence

Daring to be authentic in change and growth


epoxy, flock and latex

39 x 40 x 86 cm



Themes in the artistic work of Mariëlle are growth, authenticity, development and existence. Inspired by love of people and nature she incorporates these themes in her artworks in an abstract way. The spectator however may give his own translation of what he sees and how this work affects him. Mariëlle studied psychology although she also wanted to start at the academy of art at that time. During 30 years she worked with great love as a child psychotherapist. In 2012, still working,, she followed her second dream and went to the academy of art in Genk, Belgium, to study sculpture and spatial art. She finished her specialization in 2020. For Mariëlle both dreams came true and the famous circle was complete. Tension in form and structures, that is what Mariëlle always is looking for when creating her work. She has developed her own style and processing in the use of techniques and materials. Mariëlle does a lot of research about using and mixing colors. It needs a lot of patience doing so, but she is only satisfied when she has reached her goal.



2018 Kunstkracht 18 in Casino Modern in Genk, Belgium
2019 Nominated and exhibition for InBeeld Price for dutch and belgian limburg artists, Roermond, the Netherlands
2022 Galerie 2001 in Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands
2022 Little Treasures by Trevisan International Art, Galleria de Marchi, Bologna, Italy
2022 Huis73, Cathedral of St Jan in Den Bosch, The Netherlands
2022 MicksArt Gallery in Emmen, The Netherlands
2023 Gallery De Kleine toonzaal, Huizen, The Netherlands
2023 CaroArt Gallery in Deventer, The Netherlands
2023 Little Art, CaroArt Gallery, Deventer, The Netherlands. Asked to make two sculptures that would connect 172
little artworks of 43 artists,
2023 Rossocinabro Gallery Rome, Italy

2023 Rome Future Week, Rome, Italy

2023 Rome Art Week, Rome, Italy
2023 AMACI, Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums, Rome, Italy
2024 Exhibition 4Arts in Synagogue Weesp, The Netherlands



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