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         California, USA



Inerpreting Discomfort #4

oil paint on wood panel

31 x 31 cm

Interpreting Discomfort #1

oil paint on canvas

61 x 76 cm



Interpreting Discomfort #10

oil paint on wood panel

51 x 51 cm

Interpreting Discomfort #3

oil paint on wood panel

31 x 31 cm

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Artist Statement

Interpreting Discomfort

Many times “caring” actions will bring people closer together, but it can also make people uncomfortable with too much attention. In this series of works, Interpreting Discomfort , I discuss how much attention is too much? How is this feeling of discomfort formed? For the attention given by others, we all want to classify it as concern, but too much attention may become a kind of pressure. This kind of pressure which is hard to get rid of. In many cases, we can’t even be sure that this pressure comes from the others or our own overreaction.

In this series of works, a lot of hands, eyes and figures are used to express my concept. The unusual combination of hands and eyes to achieve the goal of horrible and stressful, just like how we feel in life sometimes. No one likes to be stared at by other people, and no one want to be pointed at by others. Except for hands and eyes, by including additional elements from everyday life: mobile phones, nail polish, mirrors, etc., I show that these situations can happen to anyone at any time. I use this series of works to discuss with the viewer the comfortable distance of interaction between people.

Thesis Proposal

My creative process can be divided into four steps. The first is to draw a thumbnail, because there are many details in the hands, I must first determine the balance of the composting, and then determine the size of the work according to the complexity of the sketch. The second step is based on my thumbnail, I will ask my friend to help me pose to take a picture. Then I will make some adjustments and draw on the canvas or wood panel according to the photo. The last step is to color, I tried two methods which are direct painting and indirect painting. Direct painting is used for works that are small size and do not have too complicated composition. In this way, I can adjust the color through the picture arrangement to create different effects. Indirect painting is used in large works and complex compositions. I will first determine the light and shadow of the whole work with monochrome painting, then glaze the skin color on top. This can not only control the overall light and shadow, but also reduce the time spent on color correction

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