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Anke Wiemer 

Artist Statement

Art is my passion.

It is to me like eating and drinking and like the air I breathe. I have been painting and drawing since I’ve been able to hold a pencil. My mother was a great encourager to me and I am grateful that I had a real artist as an art teacher. During my art studies I had the opportunity to try out many techniques and was able to acquire a rich repertoire of skills. Painting in particular has had a great impact on me.

Colour is a central expression of my art.

The subject of colour theory, colour psychology and the meaning of colour in Christian teaching sparked a fire in me that could not be quenched and plays a central role in my paintings. They reinforce statements or bring them into a deeper dimension. This increases towards a deep feeling, which I can usually hardly put into words. Furthermore, I have always been completely enthusiastic about nature, creation with all ist shapes and colours and the awareness of how wasteful and versatile nature is. I do not only see nature with my eyes, I smell, taste and feel it very strongly. The themes of my paintings have to do with nature and with a dimension beyond it, with the longing for glory, with worship, with faith and with God. Sometimes I work abstractly or more realistically, but always with colour symbolism. Two years ago I‘ve also discovered a fascination for portrait painting. I am not interested in realistic depictions, but in consciously chosen details and facial expressions combined with consciously chosen colours to appeal to people and to show them the truth of God, to sensitise them for experiences with God. Art touches, changes, inspires, heals, reveals and brings hope. This results in enthusiasm and pure joy.


1967 Born in the Black Forest, Hinterzarten

1984 group exhibition, Lenzkirch, drawings and watercolours

1985 Joint exhibition, Darmstadt Commerzbank, on the subject of; art and music

1985 Exhibition with watercolours, massage practice in Mühltal

1986 A-levels in Darmstadt

1988-1991 Study of art and religious education in Gießen, Justus-Liebig-University

1992 Start of teaching activities in schools

1998 Start of large format painting with acrylic, painting with crayons, watercolours and pastel chalk

2000 Exhibition in the Sparkasse in Münchholzhausen

2001 Exhibition 'Fascination Creation' in the doctor`s office of Dr. Breuer, Gießen

2001 Exhibition in the parish of Ettingshausen

2009 Exhibition in the Free Evangelical Community Wetzlar

2009 Exhibition in the gallery 'Aspekte' in Neustadt an der Weinstraße

2012 participation at the art spectacle Fluss mit Flair, Gießen

2012 Exhibition in the rooms of the church Haus Gottes, Gießen

2014 Pictures on loan in the rooms of the church Haus Gottes, Gießen

2016/17 exhibitions in the Free Christian Community in Hanau

2017 Community exhibition at the citizens' festival in Hanau

2018 Joint exhibition in the town hall in Hanau

2018/19 Exhibition in the Café of the Lion of Judah Community in Frankfurt

2019 Exhibition Galerie Art 13 in Hanau

2019 Joint exhibition in Aarau (Switzerland)

2020 Group exhibition: Healing, Harderwijk Hospital (Holland)


Receiving new things

acrylic on canvas

70 x 50 cm

Available works




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