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Levi Wolffe 


works in Beucha near Leipzig born in Leisnig / grew up in Mannsdorf / died in Berlin 


[before I started with artschool I never had a proper job. I tried to work as a painter, baker, graphicdesigner. I failed the A Level twice and tried to work as a waiter and a kitchen boy. Then I cleaned the machines at the aircraft works. At the end it was either navy or artschool. ... and the rest is legend]

2011 - 2015 Fine Arts at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts / Class of Prof. Carl Emanuel Wolff

2014 Nominated for German National Academic Foundation

2015 DKMS World Blood Cancer Day Auction together with United Charity

2015 Nominated for BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner



2020 "48h Neukölln, BOOOM", Umspannwerk, Berlin [GER]

2019 "Grenzen", Malzhaus, Plauen [GER]

​2019 "Heimleuchten", Raum mit Aussicht, Beucha [GER]

2019 "Post", Kunstraum Praline, Leipzig [GER]

2018 "Postcard Salon", JARVIS DOONEY GALERIE, Berlin [GER]

2018 "Zeromancer", Voodoo55, Berlin [GER]

2017 "LIPSIUS VIBES", SKD Kunsthalle Lipsisubau, Dresden [GER]

2017 "NOONES HOME", Worlds End, Berlin [GER] solo

2016 "The making of the unrealisied", Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin [GER]

2016 "Something that could easily be mistaken for nothing", Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin [GER]

2016 "5. Revierkunst", former Museum Ostwall, Dortmund [GER]

2016 "OSTRALE weht ODER", Browar Mieszczański, Wrocław [PL]

2015 "Contemporyary Art Ruhr 2015" / "C.A.R. TALENTS" at Zollverein World Heritage, Essen [GER]

2015 "ACH die Heimat" at Lügenmusem, Altserkowitz, Radebeul [GER]

2015 "THE NEXT BIG THING" at Kunstraum Praline in Leipzig [GER] solo

2015 "OUTSIDERS" 2015 "Studioausstellung der Klasse Wolff" at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts [GER]

2015 "Blick hinter die Kulissen" at Brühl town hall [GER]

2014 "OSTRALE O´14, "Around you" and "25 Jahre friedliche Revolution", Dresden [GER]

2014 "Schöne Schwestern" Saxon State Parliament, Dresden [GER]

2014 "SELFMADE I" at Senatssaal of Dresden Academy of Fine Arts [GER] solo


Gosthing 01

digital print

70 x 50 cm


Available works



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