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Japan_sassy onsen girls

oil pastel, color pen, charcoal

61 x 46 cm

Taiwan_know you're loved

oil pastel, color pen

46 x 61 cm



Carole Wu, known as hummingbird_bibibi, is a self-taught contemporary painter based in Taiwan. She used to be a visual effects artist who worked and traveled in Canada, China, and Japan for post-production on feature films from 2007 to 2020. However, she has loved art since a very young age. Her passion to paint never faded, and her desire to create grew stronger than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, she decided to answer her true calling, knowing that we only live once. Her paintings are driven by emotions. She is passionate about using her art to connect with others, as she believes that emotions are primitive and shared by all living beings. When she sees an art piece that evokes emotional resonance, she feels touched by the similar souls who created it. This is what drives her to create each piece as a creed. "I was not born for one corner; the whole world is my native land." by Lucius Annaeus Seneca is a quote that Carole Wu read as a child and has kept imprinted in her memory ever since. She is often drawn and moved by changes in her environment, and she believes that mental and physical states can be quickly rejuvenated and infuse her creativity. She explores her creative approaches and expands her source of inspiration through travel and artist residency programs to enrich her art journey. She uses charcoal, colored pencil, and oil pastels to draw and paint, inspired by Impressionist artists who offered a different way of seeing and developed new techniques back then. Her ongoing future project is to create a virtual museum encompassing all of her artworks and whimsical thoughts. It invites audiences from all over the world to join without geographical barriers or time zone differences. It allows the audience to immerse themselves and enjoy the journey. She would like viewers to resonate with her paintings, which are inspired by the countries she has stayed in, and allow them to experience an inner magical virtual adventure in this museum. It is the artistic vision that she is determined to realize eventually, and until then, she needs to paint and experience more about the world.



Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, June 2004 Taiwan

The Degree Of Bachelor Of Arts In Department Of English Residency

2023 MAY - Arteles Back To Basic Program HÄMEENKYRÖ Finland

2024 March (Upcoming) - Hektor Spain Publication Artmagazeium August 2023 Edition Issue 30



2023 Nov - Contemporary Venice-12th edition by Itsliquid

2023 Dec - Video Presentation at Miami Red Dot Art Fair

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