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  Sodoma Xia



Dog Fairy

mixed media photography

giclee, Hahnemuhle German Etching, Edition of 1

24 inches x 36 inches Prined Area

(26 inches x 39 inches in total)


mixed media photography

giclee, Hahnemuhle German Etching, Edition of 1

24 inches x 36 inches Prined Area

(26 inches x 39 inches in total)



Sodoma-X is a 22-year-old photographer, digital artist and NFT artist currently based in London. (She creates works) about self-expression and self-acceptance. Most of her works are pretty dark, but it is just how she works to integrate into her shadow, accepting the aspects suppressed by her ego and then maintaining continuity and individuality. Her works are infinite darkness. They are horrific but stylised nightmares. Her works have recognizable high fantasy and satanic styles with extraordinary and provoking colour grading, sophisticated compositing, and exquisite details. They are emotionally provoking pieces, driving viewers into an infinite dark fantasy realm and making viewers forget reality. ‘Weltschmerz’ ( literally world-pain or world-weariness ) is the central concept of all her works. It is a literal concept describing the feeling experienced by an individual who believes that reality can never satisfy the mind’s expectations, resulting in a mood of weariness or sadness about life arising from the acute awareness of evil and suffering. Traditional photography and fascination with new technology (Stable Diffusion and Programme coding are also of great inspiration to me who then challenge myself in manipulating my media to combine this visually. The works in this exhibit feature a range of photography and new technology manipulation techniques, various types of processed colour grading and compositions.



SODOMA-X, Born in 2000.

(Legal Name: JUHONG XIA, born in 2000) is currrently based in London.

Member of Shoreditch Arts Club.


Exhibitions and Features

Contemporary Art Prize (2023)

Contemporary Art Collectors (2023)

Harmony for Humanity: The Global Consciousness Art Prize (Sep, 2023)

Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona 2023

PIAB 2023 Awards (Barcelona International Art Awards) nomination

International Prize Pegasus for the Arts on —— Contemporary Celebrity Master Vol.III (Italy, May 2023)

International Prize Michelangelo “The Genius of Italy” on “Contemporary Celebrity Masters” Vol. IV (Italy, June 2023)

Itsliquid Group: Vision group exhibition (Italy, April 2023)

Art Fair Tokyo | Tokyo Tower Art Fair (TTAF) (March 2023)

Canvas International Art Fair 2023 (10th April, Venice, Italy)

European Photography Award (EPA) ( Fine Art Photography-Golden Winner) (2022)

London Photography Award 2023 (Fine Art Photography-Golden)

BBA Gallery ( Feature-The Pick of The Day) (2022) -The Holy Art Gallery (Group Exhibition) (2022)

The Art Number23 Gallery ( Group Exhibition) (2021).

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