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Conceptual Statment

According to the above description of consciousness, further visually, the dot painting school (also known as Pointillism) is a painting method that uses a very thick color point to create an overall image. The founder is Sula and Greek. Nike Sula is a representative painter of Pointillism and an important figure in the post-impressionism. His painting style is quite different. The painting is full of delicate and colorful dots. When you look close, every point is full of rationality. "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la" Grande Jatte), from 1884 to 1886, collected at the Art Institute of Chicago, USA Further inference - according to the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics, from the microscopic point of view, all matter has the characteristics of waves and particles. Then Sula's "Sunday afternoon of Dawan Island", if the concept of wave is used, the image presented is a wave-like feature. The same logic is used to create a style that is used in the work of Lin Mo Niang. The continuous extension of this style is a so-called secondary creation in a hand-painted manner using golden acrylic paint. This is also the basis for the creation of this series and the same use of secondary creation in 2018, but different elements. After the series with hand-painted elements, the same use of epoxy resin as the previous creations in this series of works. Another follow-up creation that is worth mentioning is the use of AR (Augmented Reality) technology to achieve a combination of technology and artistic creation, resulting in another level of image interpretation. It is also an extension of the sensory alternation between illusion and reality that is one of the most important elements of this series. For example, in the appearance of the street view of the Hayashi Department Store (日語:ハヤシ百貨店、林百貨店、林デパート,俗稱五層樓仔(闽南语:Gō͘-chàn-lâu-á,白話字: Gō͘-chàn-lâu-á, the Hayashi Department Store that wants the following snow presents a different mood of joy and thrift. Another example is the fireworks of the Canal Customs House, which is presented in the world of virtual dream fireworks. Tainan is the most artistic and cultural city in Taiwan. This was once ruled by the Dutch and Zheng Chenggong. The capital of Taiwan is full of vitality and the diverse landscapes and cultural life of the fusion of East and West cultures, all of which are the focus of this series of records.


In the process of secondary creation, in addition to the hand-painted techniques added to the creation, the treatment of epoxy resin was added at the end of the presentation. In this way, there are two implications: One. The main implication in creation is to point out the imperfections of the world created by artificial intelligence. The use of the last resin can make the whole image brighter. I use the transparency without distance to point out the whole creation, and finally use the light. The concept meaning makes this artificial paradise-"Wonderland of AI", more perfect, and the presentation of this light is a hypothetical way of letting the creation draw a perfect ending.


Two. In terms of visual effects, due to the output of the artificial intelligence algorithm, there is currently a resolution limit, and the output works, in terms of size, this time presents the final appearance in the size of 100, also because in the creation of digital output, the last Treated with resin, it can make the color, line and pattern in the work of resin and digital output further merge and function. In other words, because epoxy resin is also a kind of chemical glue, this kind of creation can also be said to be an alternative glue color painting-Nihonga.


The paradise of artificial intelligence as a whole is based on the interaction between human personality traits and the technology of artificial intelligence technology evolution. In the paradise created by artificial intelligence, one of the personality traits of human nature betrayed humanity. The ridiculous nature of this utopia is the essence of this creation.


The content of the interaction between various human nature and artificial intelligence technology enriches the content and breadth of the entire creation. In terms of skill, the artificial intelligence algorithm is the main way of creation, and the hand-painted and epoxy resin is used for the so-called secondary creation.


This kind of creative mode also hopes to enhance the versatile style of artistic creation through the richness of science and technology, but also points out the characteristics and characteristics of human nature.


In the secondary creation, in addition to the use of hand-painted, epoxy, encaustic and Acrylic drill, in the Rider No. 7 Awakening, bolder attempts to use luminous paint, so that the work in the expression of artificial consciousness, a layer of human touch and meaning The brewing emphasizes the awakening process of inner reflection and reflection in the overall dark environment, enriching the temperature and level of creation.



Sept. 2019

Selected, The first digital painting experimental art exhibition, China



Sept. 2019

The First Digital Painting Experimental Art Exhibition, Xu WeiYuan Modern Design Art Museum, China

Jan. – Apr. 2019

China Culture and Innovation Society 2019 Annual Group Exhibition, Yangming Bookstore, Taipei, Taiwan

Jan.-Feb., 2019

Joint Presentation, Vision Art Media, New York, U. S. A.

Oct.-Nov., 2018

"Wonderland of AI-the Landscape of Rider No. 7's Consciousness", Art Invitation Exhibition, CCU Arts & Culture Center, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Apr., 2018

"Wonderland of A. I." Exhibition, Yi Xian Art Gallery, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Oct., 2016

Twelve Digital Artworks presented in Amsterdam Art Fair arranged by Kunstbroeders gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Summer 1992

“Four Dimension Discussion”, a joint-exhibition at Yellow River Art Center in Taichung, Taiwan Animation live Broadcasting Presentation

Summer 1991

“Spider’s Evolution” being broadcasting live at Candlestick Stadium, SF, U.S.A.



M. A., San Jose State University

1989 - 1993, M. A. in Multimedia Computing.

B. S., Iowa State University

1984 - 1985, B. S. in Food Science.



The moment of Betray

mixed media (1/10 max of works)

61 x 41 cm

Available works




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