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  Yijun Ge Sookie [ see other similar works ]

         San Francisco, California, USA



oil on canvas

28 x 36 cm

What's reality

oil on canvas

26 x 41 cm


The enlightenment

oil on wood

28 x 23 cm

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Yijun Ge was born in Xiang Yang, in the province of Hubei, China. She received her Bachelor's from Hubei Institute of Fine Art. During that time, she taught art workshops for oil painting, charcoal drawing and printmaking, and assisted instructors at Hubei Institute of Fine Art University.

Yijun received her MFA in painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. Her works included multiple galleries across the U.S, not only that, her new exhibition took place in Italy, Venice called CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2021. Also, her works have been featured in multiple magazines and online art organization in 2021 and interviews from the magazines follows after it. In the same year, Featured Muralist " Mural Artist Takes a Stand on Violence against Asians" by Asian American Press. What’s more, she was the champion at ArtBattle Oakland 2021 and ArtBattle San Francisco, a world art battle tournament.

In summer 2021, she was teaching workshops at the International Art Museum of American in San Francisco. Currently, she is actively creating mural commissions for private and public companies.


Exhibitions and Awards

2021, Discovery, Blackhawk Gallery, Danville, U.S.

2021, Contemporary Venice 2021, Venice, Italy. 2021, Spring show, Academy of Art, San Francisco, U.S.

2021, Fantasy, Fe Gallery, Sacramento, U.S. 2021, Iridescence: Juried Competition, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, U.S.

2021, Northwest reflections, First place award, Ocean Shore Gallery, Seattle,U.S.

2021, Renaissance, Blackhawk Gallery, Danville,U.S.

2021, What is beautiful, Hilliard Gallery, Kansas, U.S.

2021, The Life And Death, Fine Art Palace, San Francisco, U.S. 2019, Showcase exhibition, Raw Artist, San Francisco, U.S.

2017, The Dream of Military Soul, Fifth Hubei Art Festival, China.

2014, Graduate Works Exhibition, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, China.

2013, Memory, Excellence Award, Art Perspective Competition, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, China.



Interviewed by European Magazine called Al- Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine/ 2021.

Featured Muralist “Mural Artist Takes a Stand on Violence against Asians.”

Asian American Press / 2021 Selected work “Childhood ” for the June Artistonish Contemporary Art Magazine/ 2021.

Selected work “Enlightenment” Featured by Modern Renaissance magazine on July issue/ 2021.

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