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Yalim Yildirim

Artist Statement

I was born in 1971, in Ankara. In 1994, I was graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science, Department of Economy. In 2001, I started my painting works. First I took oil painting lessons from Haluk Evitan. Then, with the training I took from Mustafa Ayaz, I’ve started looking for new technique approaches. I use , figures mainly in my paintings, chooses environment and human as themes. I still continue working in my studio in Ankara.


We, who try to keep up among all the rush and chaos of society...

With endless questions in our minds, exhausted and mindful faces, experienced sufferings and people who want to cry out their suffering even the words on tip of our tongues which we cannot express.Creation process of my paintings is based on expressions reflected by people in such processes and situations in extraordinary pace of life. Standing for a moment and looking at them, experiencing these moments and become a part of them will explain all hidden moments of paintings.

Anyway, isn't it important for all of us to capture that moment in life?



2017 June, The Art Box Project Basel 1.0, EuroAirport, Basel

2016 December, MONTE DEI FIORI PRIZE, Galerie Metanoia, Paris

April, RED EXHIBITION, Art – Gallery 25N




Online Exhibitions –


16.01.2017 Yalim Yildirim - Studio Exhibition

01.03.2016 Yalim Yildirim - Studio Exhibition

16.11.2014 Yalim Yildirim - Studio Exhibition

16.05.2014 Yalim Yildirim - Studio Exhibition

02.04.2014 Yalim Yildirim Paintings - Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plasti Arts Museum




Selected Solo Exhibition

2017 July Alaçatı Zula , Alaçatı , İzmir

2014 April Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museum, Ankara


Selected Group Exhibition

2017 June, “Abstract Art “, ThE Brick Lane Gallery, London

2017 June, The Artbox Project Basel 1.0, Artbox Gallery, Euroairport, Basel

2017 May, “Works on Paper “, The Brick Lane Gallery, London

2017 April, ART Expo New York, Artavita Gallery, New York

2017 March, Monte Dei Fiori Collective, Metanoia Gallery, Paris

2016 December "A Single Grain of Rice", Metanoia Gallery, Paris

2016 November Art San Diego, Artavita Gallery, San Diego

2016 May Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2016 April "Colors", Key Art Project Art Gallery, Etiler, Istanbul

2016 February "Eser", Park Dedeman Levent Gallery, Levent, Istanbul

2015 December "Happy New Year", key Art Project Sanat Galerisi, Etiler, Istanbul

2015 September "It's My World" Key Art Project -, Online Exhibition

2015 September "PAIN", Key Art Project Art Gallery, Etiler, Istanbul

2015 August, Art Competition - - Red exhibition

2015 July Saatchi Gallery, London, 2nd floor, On Saatchi Screen

2015 May Gallery Kent, Teşvikiye, Istanbul

2015 May 3rd.International Izmir Biennial of Art

2015 March Artankara Contemporary Art Fair

2015 February Gallery Kent, Teşvikiye, İstanbul

2014 December Niş Art Gallery, Nişantaşı, İstanbul

2014 November ARThitecture Gallery, Nişantaşı, İstanbul

2014 June Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museums, Ankara

2013 June Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museums, Ankara




Yalim Yildiri - Time alone


Time alone

ink and gouache on paper

25 x 25 cm


Available works




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