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Ekaterina Zacharova 

Artist Statement

Ekaterina Zacharova was born in 1968 in Moscow, where began her further education in theater studies, after which she changed to the Moscow Art College. She then completed her studies of graphics and painting at the prestigious Surikov-Academy, where she graduated with honors. After relocating to Bavaria in Germany she has been a part of numerous international art fairs as well as solo and group exhibitions. As such she participated in ArtExpo in New York, Art Week in Miami, as well as Art Market Hamptons. Her work has recently been exhibited at Colorida Art Gallery in Lisbon, Gaudi Galeria in Madrid, Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin as well as Haus der Kunst and the Egyptian Museum in Munich. 2010 marked a change in Zacharova’s artistic evolution. She has now shifted her interest to life and movement in an urban environment. Throughout her travels, she has explored metropolis such as New York, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Havanna along with several European cities and experienced their unique energy. She has thus captured her experiences in cycles of paintings, such as “Two”, “New York - New York”, Habana - amor nostalgico“ and „ Apéro à Paris“. Her series “Panta rhei – Come along!” and has been awarded with the European Citizen’s Price 2014 under the patronage of MEP Angelika Niebler. Since 2018 she has resumed an artistic cooperation with the opera festival „Chimgauer Opernsommer“, which she had previously worked as a costume and set designer in 2000. She has returned to once again design the sets and costumes for „La Bohème“ as well as a new production of „Turandot“. Her paintings are being magnified and projected onto the stage and function as set. She won the „Public Award Nordart 2018“ and is represented at the Venice Biennale in 2019.



Transcending the illusion

acrylic on canvas

160 x 40 cm

Available works




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