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Cecilia Álvarez [ see other similar works ]

Castel Mareccio

oil on canvas

62 x 52 cm (framed)


This painting belongs to a series called Dreams of youth, which deals

with the idealization of life plans, of this stage of youth in which we

begin to discover the world. People dream of traveling and eating the

world. This theme is represented by 4 castles, which symbolize the

idealization of life plans, during youth. Three of these castles belong to

the real world, one is in Spain and the other two are in beautiful Italy,

one of them is “Castel Mareccio”. We all remember those moments of

rebellion, in adolescence, when we wanted to run away from home to

own our lives.








I allow my self to live

mixed media on canvas

95 x 73 cm (framed)

This painting belongs to a series called “Trapped” is the last of 5 works.

 “I allow myself to live” is that moment that we all want to reach, where

we stop listening to those external voices about what is right or wrong

and when we only listen to the voice of our subconscious, which reminds

us of what makes us happy, not what makes others happy. This internal

voice reminds us of what we are capable too. We give ourselves

permission to make mistakes, to love, to cry, to laugh out loud, to walk

naked, to be ourselves with our strengths and opportunities. The

moment when we are free.



The door up stairs

oil on canvas

62 x 52 cm (framed)


This painting belongs to a series called Dreams of youth, which try to

explain the feelings of vulnerability to death. In most cases, it´s in

youth, the first time that you live or you are aware of the death of a

close loved one, perhaps a mother, a father, one of the grandparents,

siblings, or friends. You had never experienced it. You had thought, that

it only happened in other families. It´s the first time you feel fear.

“The door up stairs”

It´s a strange door, nobody knows when or where it will open.

It will be the best moment because he chose it ...

The sky rejoices, the moon smiles, and stars are formed.

The earth is sad and dark, it does not know what is happening up there.

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