ROSSOCINABRO | exhibition | Be-longing | 18 gennaio - 5 febbraio 2019

Contemporary Art in Rome

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18 January - 5 February 2019

Rossocinabro is pleased to present Be-longing, a group exhibition featuring the works of 30 artists. In the age of the inundated images and excessive information, these artists investigate the entangled roles of visual and psychological perception and environment through their meticulous, slow process of art making.

Utilizing their own handwork and technology as a medium and a conduit for narrating intriguing stories and personal experiences, these artists succeed in creating emotionally charged imageries that actively communicate with the viewers.

Rossocinabro's winter exhibition features a selection of works that make their debut in the Rome space. Chosen from a range of exhibitions and projects from this past year, they include highlights that showcase a variety of media and forms, as well as a diversity of practices, that are utilized by the gallery’s artists.

This exhibit brings together artists from the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Mexico and Russia whose artistic aims and practices, although quite diverse, share some very broad concerns.



Janice Alamanou, Brian Avadka Colez, David Dai, Marie-Eléonore Desproges, Onno Dröge, Lisbeth Glanfield, Ana Paola González, Andreina Guerrieri, Sua Rose Kim, Pia Kintrup, Marta Kisiliczyk, Lisa J Levasseur, Esther Luthi, Walter Marin, Alexandra Mekhanik, Betsie Miller-Kusz, Elvio Miressi, Federico Pacitti, Paris Leroy, Irena Procházková, Daniela Rebecchi, Caroline Rexborg, Angelo Rossi, Sandra Schawalder, Shigeru K, Gladys Sica, Sergey Teplyakov, Ildikó Terebesi, Jacqueline van der Grijn, Vorden, Silvia Withöft-Foremny


Curated by Cristina Madini



Opening: 18 January  2019 4 pm - 6 pm


visitable Mond - Fri 11am - 6 pm


infoline: 06 60658125



img guida: Serie Matches 6.0 unicum framed n. 12 photogrames cm 24 x 30 each one 2018 di Pia Kintrup






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