ROSSOCINABRO | exhibition | My heart goes glam | 8 - 16 febbraio 2019

Contemporary Art in Rome

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My heart goes glam


The last New Romantics

9 - 16 February 2019

Projections, ethereal images and illusions. This exhibition is a collection of photographs, music videos, interviews and some iconic 80s clothes that portray moments of euphoria of this fabulous decade.

The 80s were an explosion of energy, vitality and massive creativity. Masters of Photography such as Brian Aris, Lorenzo Maffei and others have graciously accepted our invitation to offer us their impression - transgressive at time and very lively - of some of the most distinctive artists of the 80s.

This retrospective proposes emblematic New Wave bands and performers who found in pop music the perfect way to express their true selves. We will retrace the stardom of this golden age with a selection of stunning photos that capture the talented Kate Bush, the unique Human League of Philip Oakey - absolute pioneers of synth pop; the ageless and worshipped Duran Duran, as well as Dead Or Alive – with the eccentric and mesmerizing Peter Burns; Blondie’s Debbie Harry and the alien David Bowie.

Body language becomes essential and inherent to the sound of pure evasion where artists manipulated and transformed their characters repeatedly, making style a crucial part of their artistic message. "I played with the image, because I think image is temporary. It's a projection. It's illusory", says Annie Lennox.

We shall revive an era and a generation of incredibly extravagant, chameleonic and versatile artists of all time.



Adam Ant, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Dead Or Alive, Bryan Ferry, Nina Hagen, Debbie Harry, The Human League, Annie Lennox & Eurythmics, Boy George, Spandau Ballet, Steve Strange, Siouxie, Ultravox (Midge Ure), Wham, Toyah Wilcox


Clothes belonged to the late Mr. Peter Burns of Dead Or Alive.


Music videos, album sleeves, Memorabilia. 


Opening: 9 February at  5pm - 8pm


Curator: Maria Luisa Pappadà

In collaboration with  Marina Zacco Coy



my heart goes glam.

img guida: Pete Burns, 1989, photo Jin Isshiki




















Sir Bob Geldof wedding to Paula Yates, photo Brian Aris

Sir Bob Geldof wedding to Paula Yates, 1986, © photo Brian Aris


Midge Ure di Ultravox live © Lorenzo Maffei

Midge Ure di Ultravox live © photo Lorenzo Maffei

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