ROSSOCINABRO | exhibition | Realities in the making 21 December 2020 – 10 January, 2021

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Realities in the making      Versione italiana


21st December 2020 – 10th January 2021

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Rossocinabro with the exhibition “Realities in the Making” presents the most recent new works of 38 international artists.

Many are the cultural differences in works of these artists, but from the opening of the Contemporary Day throughout 2021, the underlying theme will be plural identity.

Some works offer a glimpse into an encounter between ordinary material life and all that lies behind it: dreams, visions, fantasies and unconscious images. They are interspersed with fragments of the mediated reality of screens and photographs.

Others choose contrasting motifs by emphasizing the distinction between reality and fiction, darkness and light, rationality and irrationality, restriction and freedom, between outside and inside. However, this duality in these works is not tense or conflicting. The connections between the opposite poles are unstable, fluid and naturally change continuously.

Some artists also represent a multifaceted and unstable world in often almost monochromatic colours. The objects are fragmentary, apparently unfinished, their forms dissolve as if to confirm that the authenticity of visible reality is a mere illusion.

Therefore, the subjects of this exhibition are not integral but fragmented and they contain all these realities in becoming. This is probably why in some paintings, photos or sculptures often do not see a complete human figure, but its parts (faces, hands) or their substitutes (details of clothing, accessories). The allusions to the self-portrait testify to a personal and emotional approach to work. The artists argue with the tradition of the portrait and self-portrait genre but they distance themselves from the need to represent the individuality of the portrait.

They speak in signs, visual metaphors and symbols that act as catalysts of emotions. The exhibition does not offer a clear and coherent narrative, but rather provides impulses that provoke the viewer's experiences and evoke memories.

This exhibition is characterized by emotional intensity, psychological suggestion and invites the viewer to self-discovery.


Featured artists: Janice Alamanou, Cecilia Álvarez, Alessandro Angeletti, Annabelle Art Gallery, Brian Avadka Colez, Ivana Bachová, Heike Baltruweit, Nicola Barth, Lord Nicolaus Dinter, Onno Dröge, Noemi Galavotti, Connie García Sainz, Evaldas Gulbinas, Michael Jiliak, Robert Kalin, Monika Blanka Katterwe, Alan Lacke Cairo, Rosana Largo Rodríguez, Fiona Livingstone, Christina Mitterhuber, Amanda Narain, Eve Neeracher, Roanne O’Donnell, Britta Ortiz, Ann Palmer, Marika Pentikäinen, Gerhard Petzl, Ludwika Pilat, Sal Ponce Enrile, Rebz, Belle Roth, Greta Schnall, Taka & Megu, Nancy van Wichelen, Stéphane Vereecken, Andre Visser, Marja-Riitta Vuorela, Renate West


Curator Cristina Madini


Exhibition opening: December 21st


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Since the very beginning of its activity gallery has been working to achieve the envisioned goals – discovering promising artists and representing the hottest trends of art. Also, the experience accumulated in working with young artists allows promoting the career of the represented artists since the early stages, too. The gallery’s dynamic international activity and wide network have contributed to the international recognition of several artists. The work of the gallery’s artists has represented in major city of the world: Tokyo, New Yorks, Shanghai and naturally Rome. The gallery’s artists have garnered critical acclaim in competitions held by the world’s renowned art institutions (Arte Laguna, Premio Combat, Saatchi Painted Faces, Celeste Prize etc.)







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Realities in the making - rossocinabro 

Structure formation in the fluid - by Monika Blanka Katterwe - photo painting fine art print at Museo max fixed on Alu-Dibond 128 x 85 cm





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