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So close so far


ROME ART WEEK 24 - 29 October, 2022 

The seventh edition of Rome Art Week will take place from Monday 24 to Saturday 29 October 2022


The day of the meeting will be Saturday 29 October to allow all artists to visit the Gallery and Rome.


Presentation of the exhibition

How many times has it happened to see things from just one point of view, a limited vision of existence, closed and trapped behind a lens, without having the courage to explore the new meanings of a wider picture?

The group exhibition “So close, so far” examines the importance of looking and seeing from different aspects of reality, creating new understandings that only a careful viewer can catch and appreciate.

 From afar, one can see and admire the entire work, like a landscape seen in all its majesty and complexity.

Going closer and deeper, one can observe and discover the details and secrets that the image contains, like the bark of trees or the light streaming through the leaves.

The exhibition will accompany the visitor on a journey where space becomes an opportunity to get lost in the details of the artworks and time is expanded by the perception of the viewer.

Near and far are two sides of the same coin. Though sometimes foreign and distant, both play equally meaningful parts in the realization of that one side is not enough.


Date: 24 – 29 October 2022

Deadline: 31 August, 2022

Cost: € 150 for each artwork

max 100x100 cm (with frame)

max sculpture 100x50x50 cm





Once the available space has run out, the selections will be closed.


About Rome Art Week

There are 146 Galleries and institutions participating in the edition of Rome Art Week that will organize one or more events to present to the public their vision of contemporary art.

Rome Art Week wants to be a gift for Rome, for its ability to blend past and contemporary, for Roman citizens and art lovers, to allow them to explore the city from another perspective.

Rome Art Week has invited critics and authoritative operators from the contemporary art industry to give their vision of the state of contemporary art in Rome and to provide us with a guide to the routes to visit during the RAW week.

The routes will be freely chosen according to personal artistic trends. In the 2021 Edition, 146 Galleries participated in the RAW and Rossocinabro was one of the Galleries selected to represent the latest trends in contemporary art.




Rome Art Week - La settimana dell'Arte Contemporanea a Roma

  The Week of Contemporary Art in Rome






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