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Rome, 10th - 21st October 2022

This exhibition of original artworks explores the diversity of topics highlighting the cultural heritage of thirty-one artists from a selection program that Rossocinabro will exhibit alongside works from the Gallery's permanent collection.

Forty pieces of original artwork divided into five categories - painting, drawing, photography, graphics, video - depict a variety of artistic styles and mediums. Users will be able to find on the site in-depth information on each artist on display, in alphabetical order or divided by category (figuration, abstraction and informal, photography, digital art and sculpture)

The event gives a great opportunity to invest in international art, and is a well-established showcase of the artist, as well as young talents. Visitors can expect an array of paintings, fine art photography, sculptures, in different styles and media


Curator Joe Hansen


The exhibition will run from October 10th – 21st, with an opening reception on Monday, from 12am – to 5pm.


Artists: Kimberly Adamis (USA), Brian Avadka Colez (USA, Donia Baqaeen (Jordan), Car Act Air (France), Laura Casini (Switzerland), Karen Castilho (Hong Kong), Mia Civita (USA), André Colinet (Belgium), Nathanael Cox (USA), Johanna Elbe (Sweden), Ulf Enhörning (Sweden), Wiktoria Guzelf (Switzerland), Susumu Hasegawa (Japan), Tondi Hasibuan (Indonesia), Wioletta Jaskólska (Poland), Corina Karstenberg (The Netherlands), Monika Katterwe (Germany), Kirsten Kohrt (Germany), Chikara Komura (Japan), Krista Korjus (Finland), Fiona Livingstone (Australia), Francis Moreau (France), Aristea Panagiotakopoulou (Greece), Kim Piffy (UK), Sal Ponce Enrile (Philippines), Taru Rouhiainen (Finland), Belinha Silva (Portugal), Jens Peter Sinding Jørgensen (Denmark), Luana Stebule (UK), Christophe Szkudlarek (France), Taka & Megu (Japan)


You will find in-depth information on every single artist on






Residenti - Rossocinabro

img credits: My religion - courtesy artist Kimberly Adamis (USA)





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