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Be Rossocinabro 

We believe in the return of the solitary, mystical and visionary artists


Rome 10th - 30th November, 2022 

Rome, in November Rossocinabro celebrates its twelfth birthday with 'Be' a group exhibition.

The space, managed by Cristina Madini, has been at the head of promoting international contemporary art since its inception, and for the occasion will exhibit a collective of artists who, with their works, represent different generations and currents. Rossocinabro does not want to be representative of a trend, it does not aim to become the temple of the abstract or the figurative, it focuses on quality, on what will always remain.

We believe in the return of the solitary, mystical and visionary artists, who produce in solitude in their atelier, who with their choices interpret the emotions of all of us. These artists know how to paint, they know how to sculpt, they know how to create and express what their sensitivity has chosen to tell. Their works travel through real or codified places as a space extraneous to the physical conditions, to the known dimensions; they often have aptitudes of escape, perhaps towards that dimension (never defined) where emotions live, a house where we all live without knowing it, without seeing it. Their transparent world dissolves among the enigmas of codes expressed in the culture of this new millennium.

Everyone wants to overcome the understanding of existence and enter the deeper spheres of invisible knowledge. "Be" is the attempt to put new frontiers on questions, where the viewers find the necessary ideas to identify themself in the network of contemporary communications.



Artists: Annamaria Biagini (Italy), Kimberly Adamis (USA), Brian Avadka Colez (USA), Donia Baqaeen (Jordan), Car Act Air (France), Carol Lee Cassin (New Zealand), Karen Castilho (Hong Kong), Mia Civita (USA), Nathanael Cox (USA), Johanna Elbe (Sweden), Ulf Enhörning (Sweden), Lo Fehrling (Sweden), GusColors (USA), Wiktoria Guzelf (Switzerland), Susumu Hasegawa (Japan), Tondi Hasibuan (Indonesia), Linda Heim (USA), Leena Holmström (Finland), Wioletta Jaskólska (Poland), Chuck Jones, PhD (USA), Corina Karstenberg (The Netherlands), Monika Katterwe (Germany), Rebeccah Klodt (USA), Kirsten Kohrt (Germany), Chikara Komura (Japan), Krista Korjus (Finland), Sonja Kresojevic (UK), Gil Lachapelle (France), Bartholomeus Langeveld (The Netherlands), Fiona Livingstone (Australia), Miguel Marin Ordenes (Chile), Francis Moreau (France), Aristea Panagiotakopoulou (Greece), Helena Pellicer Ortiz (Spain), Kim Piffy (UK), Taru Rouhiainen (Finland), Orit Sharbat (Israel), Jens Peter Sinding Jørgensen (Denmark), Stein Smaaskjaer (Norway), Christophe Szkudlarek (France), Taka & Megu (Japan), Alisa Teletovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Maria Mina The (Romania), Janusz Tworek (Poland)


Each one's work will be presented within the Rossocinabro website in its own space, thus allowing, while within the unitary context of the exhibition, to maintain the specificities of the respective research.


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Be Rossocinabro

  Acquario girotondo -- mixed media on wood with various decoration elements 50 x 50 cm by Annamaria Biagini (Italy)






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