ROSSOCINABRO | Exhibitions | La sfida dell'immaginazione | 2nd Edition | Roma May 15th – June 15th 2023

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La sfida dell'immaginazione 


II Edition

Rome, May 15th – June 15th 2023

Where does imagination start? Contemporary art, at times, is really experimental: it makes use of the most particular and unexpected supports to find the right, and perhaps even provocative, way to express themselves. Sometimes, seeing certain works often leaves you stranded. But perhaps it is necessary to accept the provocation of the artist and appreciate the intent behind what he proposes. Starting from the boundless imagination this art is within the reach of all.


Artists: Kimberly Adamis (USA), Regina Affonso (Portugal), Laura Casini (Switzerland), Brian Avadka Colez (USA), Alessio Costantini (Italia), Teresa Bellini (Italia), Antonella Caponio (Italia), André Colinet (Belgium), Nathanael Cox (USA), Begoña Cubero Marcos (Spain), John Dobson (Australia), Durlindana (Italia), Johanna Elbe (Sweden), Ulf Enhörning (Sweden), Maria Evseeva (Russia/Spain), GusColors (USA), Cosme Herrera (USA), Chantal Hulshoff (The Netherlands), Corina Karstenberg (The Netherlands), Monika Katterwe (Germany), Bulgan Khatanbaatar (Germany), Yuki Kiyohara (Japan), Rebeccah Klodt (USA), Kirsten Kohrt (Germany), Chikara Komura (Japan), Simi Larisch (Germany), Megan Lee (The Netherlands), Fiona Livingstone (Australia), Paul Scott Malone (Usa), Arlette Mendieta (Panama), Jean Charles Neufcour (France), Yuri Okada (Japan), Pawel Opalinski (Poland), Sou (Japan), Christophe Szkudlarek (France), Taka & Megu (Japan), Josefina Temin (México), Nadia Turato (Italia)


The work of each artist will be presented within the Rossocinabro site in its own space, thus allowing, even within the unitary context of the exhibition, to maintain the specificities of the respective research.


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Artmosphere II - Roma

  Uopi light design serie Morfo by Alessio Costantini (Italy)




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